Terms & Conditions


  1. Applications are open to Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. customer aged 18 years and above.
  2. The Granville Grocery member card is not a credit card or charge card.
  3. Principal Granville Grocery member card members have the right to terminate the supplementary card under special circumstances.
  4. Member card is valid for one year from the date of registration. A fee of RM10 will be charged for new membership. Member can use their points to renew their membership at RM10 yearly.
  5. If Granville Grocery member card is stolen, lost or damaged, a fee of RM 5 will be charged for a replacement card.
  6. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to decline the issuance of or withdraw the Granville Grocery member card at any time or terminate membership as and when necessary, without notice and no refund of membership fees.
  7. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program at any time it deems necessary. In such case, Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. shall give advance notice to members in the manner Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. deems appropriate.
  8. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to omit, add or amend the Granville Grocery member card Terms and Conditions with no prior notice. Any new or amended terms and conditions will override the existing Granville Grocery member card Term and Conditions.

Accumulation of Points

  1. Every ringgit spent in Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. will be converted to 1 point.
  2. The following items are not included in the rebate calculation:
    a) Purchases of Granville Grocery gift vouchers, liquor/beer and cigarettes.
    b) Delivery Charges.
    c) Repair & Service Charges.
    d) Subsidized goods such as sugar, flour and cooking oil.
  3. Member card is valid for one year. Any member card not renewed after each year, the card will be automatically blocked, and no redemption of points can be made. After the following years, all points will be automatically zerorized if the card is not renewed.
  4. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to use and utilize the database information for marketing purposes.
  5. Members must present the Granville Grocery member card to the cashier before every transaction to ensure that spending amount is recorded and accumulated. Failure will mean that amounts spent will not be taken into account for rebate or points calculation.

Redemption of Points

  1. Members can do redemption of points on the spot at any Granville Grocery cashier counters to offset their purchases payment. Every 500 points are equivalent to RM1 and the redemption will be in the multiples of 500 points.
  2. All Redemption items as listed are subject to availability in accordance with the procedures set out herein. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any redemption items of similar value at any time without prior notice or revise the number of points required for the redemption items as set out in the Redemption List.
  3. Granville Grocery Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to refuse the redemption and/or to deduct the balance of a member’s accumulated points for a valid reason or if it is suspected that the rebates were fraudulently accumulate by the Granville Grocery member card or wrongly recorded, recorded in error or related to a transaction which has been cancelled or where a refund has been given.
  4. Granville Grocery member card points earned are non-transferable, assignable and/or not to any other person.
  5. Any redemption in the forms of vouchers shall be valid for use up to the expiry date stated in the vouchers. All unused vouchers after the expiry date shall be deemed null and void and will not be replaced. The vouchers of specified Ringgit value cannot be exchanged for cash whether in whole or in part. The use of the vouchers is subject to the terms and conditions contained therein.
  6. Any enquiries, kindly contact 07-861 6288 for further information.